Winter Cottage Resort Getaway ~ Algonquin Park

Cross-Country Skiing – Snowshoeing – Winter Hiking

Taking bookings now for open Winter days December 26th through to March 31st
Winter at this intimate lodge is an incredible fun experience. Where else, so close to the big city, can you go and have such pure white snow to play in.

Cross Country Ski Algonquin Park

Cross-country ski on one of many trails Algonquin Park has to offer, these trails are amongst the most picturesque any where in Canada. Lets go, these trails start at the easiest loops for beginners to the more advanced loops for those who dare to be challenged. 50 km in total, and all this at the Leaf Lake Trail entrance, a close 6 km drive just inside Algonquin Park. There is a widened 25km loop for ski skating. Algonquin has expanded the Leaf Lake Trail system to accommodate these performance skiers. Click on for winter trails at Algonquin Park Skiing Information where you can also see their 30 km long back country Minnesing Trail.

Snow Shoeing Algonquin Park

We provide the Snow Shoes and you go have fun!  Explore in Algonquin Park.  Recommended places to hike are Mew Lake Campground and Two Rivers Campground where the Tree Canopies are high and there are many empty areas full of snow.

Hiking Algonquin Park Winter

Hiking in the winter is great in Algonquin Park, the Spruce Bog Trail and the Logging Museum Trail are exceptional and well trodden. Take a few Unsalted  Sunflower Seeds (from any Bulk Barn store etc) and put a few in your hand and hold your hand out, you may get a Gray Jay or Chick-a-dee come land.
NOTICE: Do not leave Seeds on the Ground or in the Bush when you leave the area.  This allows other guests to have the same feeding experience as you.  If you leave food thrown around you will stuff the little birds and they will not come out to play.  If you see food laying around, best to take it away or bury it.

  • Ice skating at the local outdoor rink.
  • Tobogganing at the local sled hill
  • Snow (Wo)Men  and Snow Angles everywhere.
  • Snow ball fights and snow forts on your own.

A vehicle permit is required for the Algonquin Park Trails and Visitor Center. Pick up your Free Algonquin Park Pass with Ken and Penny when you check-in at the Lodge.